Whippets & Salukis



enjoying the Swedish summer


with her beautiful puppy Frost


looking for rabbits


having a blast at the beach


glazing over the lake...

C.I.B, SBIS, SE Ch, DK Ch, FI Ch, EE Ch, LV Ch, LT Ch, Baltic Ch, ME Ch, RO Ch, DK Club Ch, ME Grand Ch, PL W-16, Reto W-16, LT Club W-18

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Dracula Dog Shows 15-16/9 2018
Romanian Champion

IDS Gotland 26/8 2018
Best bitch 4
Judge Lotte Jörgensen, Denmark

NDS Gotland 25/8 2018
BOB and group 4
Judge Kitty Sjong, Denmark

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Moletai, Lithuania 27/5 2018
Judge Vladimir Piskay, Slovakia

Moletai, Lithuania 26/5 2018
Judge Galina Kalinichencko, Ukraine

Moletai, Lithuania 25/5 2018
CAC, Club Winner-18 and new Lithuanian & Baltic Champion
Judge Sean Delmar, Ireland

Roskilde, Denmark 12/5 2018
Grace was 2nd best bitch with res CACIB
Judge Paul Stanton


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Finland, Turku IDS 20/1 2018
A great way to start the year!
Grace won BOB, CAC, CACIB and group-3 - 73 Whippets entered.
Breed judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark and group judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium.
Grace got her last CACIB for the C.I.B title and the Finnish CAC for the Finnish champion title.

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Denmark, Aars Sighthound Club Show 14/10 2017
Grace won 2nd best bitch and the final club CAC, so now she is also Danish Club Champion.
Judge was Lotta Brun, Spain

Sweden, Öland NDS 3/9 2017
Grace was 2nd best bitch.
Judge was Åke Cronander, Sweden

 Z1M9902 w

Denmark, Vejen Sighthound Club Show 29/5 2017
Grace won best of breed and club CAC.
In the finals she was BEST IN SHOW 2! Judged by Birte Scheel, Denmark

 Z1M8528 w

Denmark, Vejen Sighthound Club Show 28/5 2017
Grace won best of breed, club CAC, Danish CAC and gained her Danish Champion title.
In the finals she was BEST IN SHOW! Judged by Kresten Scheel, Denmark

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Polan, Poznan 30/10 2016, judge Rui Oliveira, Portugal

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Lund, Sweden 11/9 2016, judge Trevor Hiscock, South Africa
Grace was BOB with CAC and also BIS-3 (judge Joy McFarlane, South Africa)
She is now Swedish champion =)

Druskininkai, Lithuania 7/8 2016, judge György Tesics, Hungary
Grace won res-CACIB

Druskininkai, Lithuania 6/8 2016, judge Elena Afghanova, Russia
Grace won CAC

Druskininkai, Lithuania 5/8 2016, judge Jussi Liimatainen, Finland
Grace won CAC and res-CACIB

Adazi, Latvia 31/7 2016, judge Iuza Beradze, Czech Republic
Grace was BOB with CAC and also group-5
She is now Latvian and Estonian champion =)

Estonia, Tartu 24/7 2016, judge Ligita Zake, Latvia
Grace was 2nd best bith with CAC

Estonia, Tartu 23/7 2016, judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz, Poland
Grace was BOS with CAC

Sweden, Borås national show 3/7 2016, judge Roberto Forsoni, Italy
Grace won her 3rd reserve CAC

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Sweden, Växjö international show 30/10 2015, judge Laurent Pichard, Switzerland
Grace won the champion class and ended up as 3rd best bitch

Denmark, Aars Sighthound Club show 10/10 2015, judge Maija Sylgren, Finland
Grace EXC-2 CQ in champion class with CLUB CAC

Sweden, Visby Sighthound Club show 30/8 2015, judge Gunnar Nymann, Denmark
Grace was 4th best bitch with res CAC

Croatia, Split international show 26/7 2015, judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany
Grace won CAC

Croatia, Split national show 25/7 2015, judge Marit Sunde, Norway
Grace won res CAC

Croatia, Split international show 24/7 2015, judge Philip John, India
Grace won CAC

Croatia, Split national show 23/7 2015, judge Francesco Cochetti, Italy
Grace won res CAC

Montenegro, Cetinje international show 22/7 2015, judge Vojislav Brajovic, Montenegro
Grace was BOS with CAC and CACIB
Montenegro Champion, Grand Montenegro Champion


Montenegro, Cetinje international show 21/7 2015, judge Miodrag Vretenicic, Montenegro
Grace was BOB with CAC and CACIB, BIG and finally BEST IN SHOW 3!!

 Z1M3318 w

Vänersborg national Show 6/6 2015, judge Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden
Grace was 3rd best bitch with res-CAC

Denmark, Roskilde International Show 26/4 2015, judge Nebojsa Savicic, Serbia
Grace won the junior class with qualification to Crufts 2016 and was also 3rd best bitch

 Z1M2561 wFinland, Turku Int 25/1 2015, judge Elina Haapaniemi, Finland
EXC-2 CQ in junior class

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Denmark, Aars Sighthound Club Show 11/10 2014, judge Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden
BOB and BIS puppy

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Sweden, Skilligaryd Open Show 21/9 2014, judge Helen Wieslander, Sweden