Whippets & Salukis

Two boys and one girl (bottom one is the girl)

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Daria started her third lure coursing trial and won - again! She also gained her 3rd CAC.
Celina was placed as number 10 (out of 22).

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Daria started her second lure coursing trial and won! She also gained her 2nd CAC.
Celina was in season, so she could not participate.

Skorpan started his first rally obedience competition with a 3rd place and a 5th place!

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Daria and Celina started their first lure coursing trials. Daria was 2nd with CAC!!

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Daria (E Pepper Pot) and Celina (E Sweet Pea) just finished their lure coursing licences!!

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We had a nice time in Bratislava, Slovakia!

Frost (Ch Emoticon Avalanche) CAC and res-CACIB
Yoshi (Ch Emoticon Frostnip) CAC and res-CACIB, will be full CACIB so now she is an international champion!

Frost (Ch Emoticon Avalanche) CAC, CACIB and BOS
Yoshi (Ch Emoticon Frostnip) CAC and res-CACIB

Frost (Ch Emoticon Avalanche) CAC and res-CACIB
Yoshi (Ch Emoticon Frostnip) CAC and res-CACIB

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Second open show for the pyttlings!

Skorpan (Emoticon The Black Dragon) BOB baby
Celina (Emoticon Sweet Pea) BOS baby
Daria (Emoticon Pepper Pot) 2nd in baby bitches

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Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Celina =)

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First open show for the pyttlings!

Skorpan (Emoticon The Black Dragon) BOS baby
Celina (Emoticon Sweet Pea) BOB baby
Daria (Emoticon Pepper Pot) 2nd in baby bitches

Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Daria =)

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We had a fantastic time in Ventspils, Latvia!

Saga (Ch Ahmadi Frost Bite) BOS, CAC, Latvian Champion, Baltic Champion, Kurzeme Winner 2019
Yoshi (Ch Emoticon Frostnip) 2nd best bitch
Spider (Merlin's son) 2nd best male, CAC, Kurzeme Winner 2019

Yoshi (Ch Emoticon Frostnip) BOB, CAC, Latvian Champion, Ventspils Cup Winner 2019 and she also won the group!
Spider (Merlin's son) BOB, CAC and Ventspils Cup Winner 2019

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Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Skorpan =)

67471757 10217937783289675 4082984997512806400 o

Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Pixie =)

67471757 10217937783289675 4082984997512806400 o

Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Daria =)

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Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Skorpan =)

67263162 10217826045256294 5825975961379667968 o

Frost won BOB, VDH, CACIB and the title Alpensieger 2019 today in Nürnberg, Germany under judge Rita Kadike Skadina.

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Today Feliks (Emoticon Dirty Cush) moved to her his home in Svedala. His new name is Kimi. Good luck Veronica and family!

  Z1M6936 w

Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Celina =)

celina Z1M6812

Puppy pages updated!

Pictured below is Lukasz =)

lukasz Z1M5541

Today Marcin (Emoticon The Five Mile Sniper) moved to her his home in Gothenburg. His new name is Malte. Good luck Cornelia and Fritjof!

  Z1M6148 w

Frost won BOB and CAC today at the Danish Sighthound Club show under judge Knut Fr Blütecher (Showline Hounds), Norway. He is now Danish and Swedish champion! Huge congratulations to Gunilla and Micke =)

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Today Eliza (Emoticon Angry Cat) moved to her new home in Sjövik. Her new name is Pixie. Good luck Maria and family!


Today Oliwia (Emoticon Lucky Number Seven) moved to her new home in Mullsjö. Her new name is Enzi. Good luck Eva and Börje!

  Z1M5385 w

Today Maksym (Emoticon Lost & Confused) moved to his new home in Täby. His new name is Miles. Good luck Madeleine and family!

 Z1M5363 w


Puppy pages updated, and now they also have their names!

Pictured below is Borys =)

borys Z1M4704

Puppy pages updated =)

Pictured below is Eliza!

eliza 65 2

Puppy pages updated =)

Pictured below is Lukasz!

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Puppy pages updated =)

Pictured below is Daria!

daria 5w 2

Puppies are now 4,5 weeks old and outside for the first time!

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More photos >>

Today Elliot (Emoticon Cold As Ice) gained his last CAC for the Swedish champion title under judge Jussi Liimatainen, Finland. Yoshi (Emoticon Frostnip) gained her last Danish CAC to get the Danish, Swedish and Lithuanian champion titles!

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Puppy pages are updated with new pictures!

Puppies are now 24 days old. Eyes are open, they are starting to play!


More photos >>

Grace at her 52nd day of pregnancy!

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Yesterday Grace decided to have her puppies at day 58. 4 puppies was delivered, and at last we had to go to the vet for a c-section. One of the girls was stuck, but all the remaining 5 puppies came out alive.
This morning she had a fever, so she has been back to the vet for a pyometra surgery. Now she is back home with her puppies again and all 5 boys and 4 girls is doing well so far.

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60186141 10217301461262022 9150054492685729792 o

59963175 10217301462462052 2540224661661155328 o

Grace at her 45th day of pregnancy!

59345349 10217194121378592 2032070983333969920 o

Grace at her 39th day of pregnancy!

57606634 10217150628931308 3474181921699790848 o

I think we can say for sure that Grace is pregnant. Here she is 32 days after mating! Sunny day but freezing cold, so not the best photo.

57026448 10217101550464377 4437634461621813248 o

Grace are now mated with the handsome Ch Camouflage Idealist. We are hoping for puppies in the middle of May!

We had a looooong trip (4550 km) to the Dracula Dog Shows in Romania, and quite successful =)

Yoshi (Emoticon Frostnip) is now Romanian Champion and Grand Romanian Champion
Frost (Emoticon Avalanche) is now Romanian Champion and Grand Romanian Champion
Grace (Ch Rhetsgis Hello Skylark Emoticon) is now Romanian Champion

Another great weekend!
Saga 4th best bitch
Frost 3rd best male and CAC
Merlin BOS and best veteran

Nice weekend at the lovely island Gotland!
Elliot (on the photo) won 2 CAC and 1 res CACIB
Yoshi won 1 CAC and 1 res CACIB
Grace won BOB group 4 on Saturday, 4th best bitch on Sunday

 Z1M5389 w

We spent the weekend at the lovely island Bornholm, Denmark. Yoshi won BOS, CAC and CACIB both days! Yoshi is now 18 months old ans already has 5 CAC and 5 CACIB in three different countries. Extremely proud!

Merlin won BOS veteran and 2 Danish veteran CAC, so he is now Danish Veteran Champion :D

39266570 10209690632902548 5370476997258510336 n

Grace's future husband will be the handsome Ch Camouflage Idealist, a lovely male that I have admired for years and has everything I want in a Whippet. I think Grace approved ;) It is still a year to go, but I prefer to plan a long time ahead. Enquiries are welcome!
More information about the upcoming litter >>
More photos of Kami >>
More photos of Grace >>

 Z1M1553 w

Great day for Yoshi (Emoticon Frostnip) who won CAC, CACIB & BOS under judge Roland Spörr, Austria!

We had a lovely weekend in Moletai, Lithuania!

Grace (Multi Ch Rhetsgis Hello Skylark Emoticon) won 2 CAC, 1 CACIB, 1 res-CACIB, 1 BOS, Club Winner-18 title and she is now Lithuanian and Baltic champion.

Yoshi (Emoticon Frosnip) won 2 CACIB, 2 (winner) CAC and 2 BOS - she is now also qualified for Crufts 2019.

29512526 10156244133243774 2759590523311937181 n

Sighthound Club Show Upplands Väsby 25/3 2018
Elliot was 2nd in junior class with CQ
Judge Arnaldo Cotugno, Italy

Denmark, Køge Sighthound Club Show 25/3 2018
Frost was 3rd best male with res-junior CAC and res CAC
Yoshi was 2nd in junior class with res-junior CAC
Judge Iuza Beradze, Czech Republic

frost fredericia
IDS Fredericia 11/2 2018
Frost won 2nd best male, Junior CAC and reserve CAC
Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany
Photo by Kaj Frøling

26993704 10213759598717672 4638669450560406976 n

A great way to start the year!
Grace won BOB, CAC, CACIB and group-3 - 73 Whippets entered.
Breed judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark and group judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium.
Grace got her last CACIB for the C.I.B title and the Finnish CAC for the Finnish champion title.

25353883 10155900294028774 5154317905719901139 n

Frost was 3rd best male with CAC at the Danish Sighthound club show in Køge. He also got the Junior Club CAC.

21767989 1566520833405597 2610605743754533350 n

Frost was BOB puppy under judge Rudi Brandt, Denmark.

Frost was BOB puppy under judge Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania.

21462637 10213010553992957 7819388584087159711 n

Frost was BOS puppy under judge Mikael Nilsson, Sweden.

21271352 10207706301335499 7440194877208615428 n

Frost BOB puppy and Yoshi BOS puppy at the NDS at Öland. Judge Rudi Hubenthal.
Elliot was 2nd in puppy class.

Grace was 2nd best bitch under judge Åke Cronander, Sweden.

20525234 10207700077899917 7723373684783069885 n

Frost BIS puppy and Yoshi BOS puppy at the Saluki Club Show at Öland. Judge Veronika Chrpová, Czech Republic.
Elliot was 2nd in puppy class.

Yoshi was BOB puppy both days at Bornholm, Denmark. Judges Tapio Eerola, Finland and Peter Harsanyi, Hungary.

20729228 10212503136386899 7564207540767085094 n

Yoshi BOB puppy at IDS Askersund! Judge Gunilla Sandberg, Sweden

19275156 10211964669525564 3461539260123556372 n

Tånga Hed Sighthound Club Show 17/6 2017, judge Henrik Skog
Emoticon Cold As Ice "Elliot" 1st baby puppy, BOS baby
Emoticon Avalanche "Frost" 2nd baby puppy
Emoticon Frostnip "Yoshi" 2nd baby puppy

Tånga Hed Saluki Club Show 18/6 2017, judge Eva Mackowiak
Emoticon Avalanche "Frost" 1st baby puppy, BIS baby
Emoticon Cold As Ice "Elliot" 2nd baby puppy
Emoticon Frostnip "Yoshi" 2nd baby puppy
Ch Ahmadi Frost Bite BIS progeny group with the kids

18739770 10211773521906993 6051538741473995500 n

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! We decided in the last minute to go to the double Sighthound Show in Vejen, Denmark. And I surely do not regret it!

Saturday, 58 Whippets entered under judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark. Grace won the champion class, best bitch with the Danish CAC which makes her a Danish champion, Club CAC (number 2 out of 4), she was BEST OF BREED and in the final she went all the way to BEST IN SHOW! Amazing!!! A little to hot weather but Grace is a real show machine so it didn't really affect her much.

Sunday, 51 Whippets entered under judge Birte Scheel, Denmark. Again, Grace won the champion class with Club CAC (number 3 out of 4), best bitch and BEST OF BREED. In the final she was runner up BEST IN SHOW.

This is a weekend I'll never forget <3

 Z1M4764 w
Elliot has moved to his new home. He will live in Trosa, south of Stockholm with Gisela Wackèr.

 Z1M5131 w
And Falkor has moved to his new home in Ekeby, southern Sweden, with Gunilla & Mikael Skafar.

I already miss them. And so does Yoshi. She can't understand why her siblings are gone!

Puppies 10-11 weeks >>

 Z1M2660 w

Puppies 9-10 weeks >>

 Z1M2660 w

Puppies 8-9 weeks >>

 Z1M0340 w

Puppy photos 6-7 weeks >>

 Z1M1803 w

Puppies 7-8 weeks >>

15542198 10211062206084542 153850499679202661 n

Puppy photos 29-35 days >>

 Z1M8961 w

Puppy photos 22-28 days >>


Puppy photos 15-21 days >>

 Z1M7881 w

Puppy photos 8-14 days >>


Newborn puppies, February 11 2017. From left:
Katla (female) 435 g
Falkor (male) 457g
Elliot (male) 440g
Yoshi (female) 432g

Photos 0-7 days will be updated here >>

16473344 10210721564968727 6186539541761898822 n

Saga 57 days

 Z1M6420 w

We are really proud over Merlin's son Spider (Rhetsgis Hello Blue Moon) who was placed 2nd best obedience Whippet 2016 - he was also number 1 in rally obedience, beginners class and number 2 in rally obedience, continued class. Way to go Annelie & Spider!

saga bolander 16 1492 Medium Soft Tissue 10 25 kg Abdomen VD 2017 01 30 14 12 00 669

Saga 51 days: x-ray shows 4 puppies! Very pleased!!!

dag 50 Z1M5583 w

Saga 50 days from first mating

dag 43 Z1M5171 w

Saga 43 days from first mating

dag 36 Z1M5058 w

Saga 36 days from first mating

Saga just came into season - flight is booked and we leave for the US really soon! I am soooo excited!

Some other news - Merlin's daughter Maya (Sinsline Reach out And Touch) is top bitch no 2 in Denmark 2016 (Kennel Club System). 
Merlins son Spider (Rhetsgis Hello Blue Moon) also got a new obedience title - LP1.

Merlin is very proud!

Last weekend in October we went to Poznan for a 2xCACIB show. I have been there before and I love the show ground, the hotel and of course the food ;)

On Saturday, Saga was 3rd in champion class, Grace was 2nd in champion class and Merlin was 1st in champion class and got his last CAC for the Polish champion title!

On Sunday, Saga won the champion class with CAC and R-CACIB. Merlin got a day off, and Grace won the champion class - got a Polish CAC - got the CACIB - and the title Polish Winner 2016.

Successful weekend!

15126202 1587187981297112 1663669199 o

Updated pages:
Merlin results
Grace results
Saga results

We spent the weekend with good friends in the south of Sweden. On Sunday, Grace won the champion class and went all the way to best of breed, with CAC. Judge was Trevor Hiscock, Roaringwater Salukis, South Africa. She is now a Swedish champion! That wasn't enough, in the finals (judged by Joy McFarlane, Fleetwind Salukis, South Africa) she was placed as BIS-3. It was 15 sighthounds in the BIS final! I am very proud of her <3

14322343 10209322829161206 5968589908452433284 n

14292306 10209322829121205 4155379853457429370 n

The weekend after - 5-6-7 of August we continued our trip and attended the 3xCACIB show in Druskininkai.
Friday: Saga won the res-CACIB, Grace won CAC and res-CACIB
Saturday: Saga was BOS with CAC, CACIB and the Lithuanian champion title. Grace won her second Lithuanian CAC.
Sunday: Saga won CAC and CACIB, Grace won res-CACIB.

13876164 10205181349693286 3626290367609942729 n

30-31 of July - new country - new shows. On Saturday all our dogs were ugly, but we had a little better day on Sunday. Grace and Merlin was BOB and BOS with the Latvian champion title and also the title Reto Winner-16. Grace was also group-5. Saga was 3rd best bitch on Sunday.

13895265 10208952632706526 4589222109466213277 n

23-24 of July we spent the weekend in Tartu, Estonia. Two national shows. On Saturday Saga won BOS with CAC and hained her Estonian champion title. On Sunday she was BOS again. Grace was also BOS with CAC on Saturday, and 2nd best bitch with CAC on Sunday. Quite successful show =)

13707632 10208046635177919 6677038839261125227 n 1

13754683 10208891423416332 3659500527687096728 n

3rd of July we went to the national show in Borås. Only Grace was entered and she won her 3rd reserve CAC... Close ;) Judge was Roberty Forsoni from Italy.

June 25-26 we celebrated midsummer, as usual, in Tång Hed.
On Saturday (Sighthound Club show) Saga was placed 4th best bitch under judge Annette Bystrup, Denmark.
Grace was 4th in champion class with CQ, and was also entered on the Whippet club show on Sunday where she was 3rd with CQ.

7th of June we went to the national show in Norrköping. Saga was 3rd best bitch, under judge Tino Pehar from Croatia.
Grace was 3rd in champion class with CQ.

15th of May we went to Denmark for a national show. The rain was pouring down, so we were lucky to see that our ring was indoors!
Judge was Tomas Rohlin from Denmark. Saga was BOS, and our travel buddies was BOB (Liam) and 2nd best dog with CAC (Kjelleman). Great day for us =)

This weekend we decided to use the lure machine! I have had it for a couple of years without using it... ;)
Happy dogs, I think they were a bit tired after running in the heavy sand....

12670370 10208094983185824 2347120784258369400 n

12932729 10208094984065846 6300830402226217085 n

12933170 10204541536538357 1791487550060258351 n

12936681 10204541536818364 6968250580587248107 n

12993363 10208093046177400 3888720795909002335 n

12994434 10208093046377405 4859721883034318418 n

A long trip to Crufts is now over. Sweden-Denmark-Germany-Holland-Belgium-France-UK and then back home again.
Saga did a wonderful job. We have only begun practising free stacking so I was not sure If she would agree to it or not, but she did. She was much more happy than usual, she really doesn't like when I hold her. Well the tail was up a little too far but I prefer a happy dog any day!
Saga was placed 3rd in open class bitches of 18 entries which I am really proud of.

Merlins daughter Sally was also entered in junior class, she was just outside placement (I think there was 26 entries in junior bitches).

It was a long trip, but I would for sure do it again. Everything is easy with nice company ;)

 Z1M8292 colour w
Saga and me at Crufts

 Z1M7719 w

 Z1M7491 w
Spending the night in Calais, France. A huge beach full of birds. I cound't resist to let Saga take a bath =)

No updates at all for a while, since I pulished by breeding plans. Next show (next weekend actually) will be Crufts. All three dogs are qualifyed but I am only bringing Saga. And I will get the pleasure to show Sally as well since she qualified and Annica decided to go.

Except from that, not much news really. We are planning our summer trip, of course. I have also been quite busy making show leads which I actually enjoy. Now I have a small stock of finished leashes, except from the ones that are ordered. Maybe I should bring them to Crufts.... we'll see.

You can read more about the show leads here >>

And here are some finished, for sale >>

Saga ended up as 4th best bitch in Germany 2015
Grace ended up as 2nd best debutant bitch in Sweden 2015

Saga had a very successful weekend in Kassel! Day one she won her fifth VDH and became VDH champion, she also won the CAC and was BOS. Day two was even better, she won BOB, VDH, CAC and CACIB! Grace was also entered, exc-3 in champion class both days.
Now we have to wait until October next year before we go back to Germany, trying to get the last CAC for the DE CH title.

Updated pages:
Saga results

12265955 10207018783641508 4880132240537207100 oAnd we got some nice things in the mail! Saga is now ready to enter to CRUFTS 2016 =)

Yesterday we went to Växjö International show - 80 Whippets was entered. Grace won the champion class and ended up as 3rd best bitch. Good girl =)

Updated pages:
Grace results

12189910 10153657777286093 6505257536778604410 n

12193705 10153657779056093 2134072528504050291 n

Grace being pretty ;)
Thanks to Per for the photos.

Yesterday we went to the Swedish Whippet Club show in Vingåker. We had a really nice time and all the dogs (Merlin, Grace, Lotus, Isaac, Eddie and Sally) got placements in their classes. Of couse we also had to take some new photos of the kids =)
Toady we went to the golf course to get some photos of our own dogs. It started to rain so sadly we didn't finish. Merlin doesn't enjoy rain very much!

Updated pages:
Saga developing
Grace developing
Sinsline Reach Out And Touch - Sally
Sinsline Rapsody In The Rain - Allis
Sinsline Ring Of Fire - Eddie
Sinsline Rebel Rouser - Brolle

 Z1M4172 w

Saga loves training. She is adorable =)

First weekend in October we went to Rostock, Germany trying to get the German CAC and VDH CAC with Saga. And she did it! CAC VDH and res-CACIB. She now needs only one more VDH to get the VDH champion title. We also brought Fatimah (Ch Abu Al Khayar Fatimah) trying to get her las CACIB for the international champion title, wich we did =) Diva the Deerhound also got what she needed (BOB CAC and VDH) so it was for sure a successful trip!

Second weekend in October we went to Aars Sighthound Club show in Denmark. Saga won BEST OF BREED, and got her last CLUB CAC for the Danish Club champion title =)
Grace also got a CLUB CAC (her first). Now we have a weekend at home before next show, which will be the Whippet Club show in Vingåker (81 Whippets entered).

 Z1M3139 w

Saga in Denmark

We went to the international show in Orre, Norway, trying to get the Norwegian CAC. It was really a long way and driving in Norway is really slow. The show location was nice, and we were lucky to get our rings indoors (most of them were outdoors). It was OK weather but it is not summer anymore.
And we did it! Saga was BOB with CACIB and the Norwegian CAC so now she is also Norwegian champion =)
Since it was such a long way to drive home, we didn't stay to the finals.
Thank you for a lovely weekend Gunilla and Micke, and congratulations to Liams Norwegian champion title (GRAND SLAM FOR SWEDEN, WIHOOOO!!!!)

12019897 10153273666459397 1792240349801241026 n
Saga and Liam - brand new Norwegian champions =)

Yesterday Grace turned 18 months old. Not a junior anymore!
We have still some shows planned for this year, looking forward to it.

12063522 10206742339250571 1058055311527190164 n

12049464 10206742339170569 3145868803091515929 n 12063363 10206742339010565 3067809435955492583 n

Grace 18 months

The Sighthound Club show in Lund was cold and rainy. Only Grace was entered (3rd in champion class) under judge Joachim Kiack (DE). But I had the pleasure to show Ch Dabka's Italy to BOB and BIS-3 so I still had a very nice day =)
I also showed a couple of wild Saluki puppies, very funny ;)

Ch Dabka's Italy BOB and BIS-3

End of August was spent in Denmark at Broholm Castle where the FCI Euro Sighthound Show was held. Fantastic place for a show! I have only entered Saga one day, but also four of Merlin's kids was entered. Very nice to see them again!
After Denmark we went to Gotland to meet up with Ian (and also for the shows of course). We spent the week sightseeing and we had a really nice time. Saga was 4th best bitch one day and Grace was 4th best bitch one day with res CAC.

 Z1M9591 w
Saga with her breeder Ian Rasmussen, Australia

 Z1M2209 w
Grace won a rosette for res CAC which she was very proud of ;)

FCI Euro Sighthound Show & Club Winner Show 2015 (Salukis) >>
FCI Euro Sighthound Show & Club Winner Show 2015 (Mixed) >>
Gotland Dog Shows >>

Updated pages:
Sinsline Rich Girl - Maya
Sinsline Rebel Rouser - Brolle
Sinsline Ring Of Fire - Eddie
Sinsline Rapsody In The Rain - Allis
Sinsline Reach Out And Touch - Sally
Rhetsgis Hello Midnight Sun - Lotus
Saga results
Grace results

Our trip to Montenegro and Croatia was very successful! 10 new titles on 6 shows =)
Saga won 4xCACIB, 6xCAC, 6xBOB, 1xBIG and 6 new titles >>
Grace won 2xCACIB, 1xBOB, 1xBOX, 4xCAC, 2xresCAC, 1xBIG, 1xBIS-3 and 2 new titles >>
Merlin won 1xCACIB, 1xresCACIB, 1xBOS, 2xCAC, 4xresCAC and 1 new title >>
Lotus won 1xCACIB, 1xresCACIB, 1xBOB, 2xCAC, 1xresCAC and 1 new title

We had a really lovely time despite the 5800 kilometes in the car - sometimes on very bad roads. But as long as the comany is great it is a piece of cake ;)
Now we will take a rest and reload for the FCI Euro Sighthound Show in Denmark


Grace with her prices in Montenegro

Last weekend we went to the national show in Borås. Only Grace was entered and we had a nice day with friends. Grace was EXC-3 in junior class (out of 11 I think). It was really good weather for photos so here's my album with Whippets from Borås >>

11657462 10206059862949090 227952697 n

One og the photos from Borås - this is Albicans Quick Sighted

Last weekend we went to the national shows in Vänersborg (saturday) and Norrköping (sunday). In Vänersborg Grace was 3rd best bitch with res-CAC. Annica came to both shows with Merlins kids, so they also got some training. I wish I could take Sally home. She is gorgeous....

Updated pages:
Grace results
Sinsline Reach Out And Touch - Sally
Sinsline Ring Of Fire - Eddie
Sinsline Rebel Rouser - Brolle
Sinsline Rapsody In The Rain - Allis

 Z1M3589 w

Sally 8 months old

In the end of May we went to Neumünster, Germany. Trying to get the VDHs and CACs and we nearly made it - VDH and res-CAC. I also took the opportunity to buy some new leather leashes. Next trip to Germany will be in October, but first we have the whole summer ahead of us!

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Saga in Neumünster

Yesterday we went to Lidköping for an indoor international show. Saga and also the siblings Grace, Spider, Isaac was entered, no results to brag about but it was lovely to see the kids agan and to get some new photos of them.

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Proud parents Merlin and Ella with their kids Isaac, Grace and Spider

This weekend was spent at the double CACIB show in Roskilde, Denmark. Despite the cold and rainy weather we had two wonderful days! On Saturday Saga won her qualifying CAC for the Danish champion title under judge Kitty Sjong, Denmark. On Sunday Saga won her qualifying CACIB for the international champion title under judge Gert Christensen, Denmark. And also qualified for Crufts 2016. What a day =)
Grace was also entered and on Sunday she won the junior class - qualified for Crufts 2016 - and ended up as 3rd best bitch under jusge Nebojsa Savicic, Slovenia.
I also got to watch Maya (Sinsline Rich Girl) in the ring and that was a lovely sight. Such a wonderful little girl. She was BOB puppy on Saturday and BOS puppy on Sunday.

Pages are updated for Saga, Grace and Maya.

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Grand slam for Saga!!!

Today we are saying goodbye to the old man in the house. After a bad long lasting stomach flu he finally recovered, but started to drink a lot of water and pee a lot, so I decided to let him go. Yesterday afternoon it was also some blood in his urine and that was the final call. Good bye my dear Anthe, I will miss you forever...
RIP Shafaq Qa-Andante Geshed 20021022-20150414

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Yesterday we went to the Sighthound Club show in Skaelskør, Denmark. Saga won the champion class and received a CLUB CAC, she was also 2nd best bith with reserve-CAC. Merlin and Grace was also entered - Merlin was 2nd in champion class with CQ and Grace was 3rd in junior class with CQ.
Maya (Sinsline Rich Girl) has now moved to Rudi Brandt, kennel Frontrunners, in Denmark. I am looking forward to be able to follow her in the future. Rudi took a new photo of her and I think she looks really nice.

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Now we are looking forward to the Swedish Winner show in two weeks. Merlin and Grace are entered.

Crufts was really a pleasant surprise! I had already before I went planned to watch the Whippets. Since they were divided in to two rings (males and bitches) I had only the time to watch the males. I must say that I really enjoyed the Whippets in the UK. Overall much better proportions and angulations, most of them not at all too long in body and overangulated. Smaller in size. Here they tend to get just longer and longer with neverending rears, which makes me sad.
And what about the flat toplines?
Why do ”we” want this development? Why it is a good thing? What is the goal with this? The standard says ”All forms of exaggeration should be avoided”.
And do we need ”More than one-half inch above or below stated height limits is a disqualifying fault” as in the American standard? Well this would disqualify my own Whippets, too….
A larger, longer Whippet has a very different movement compared to a more square moderate one.
I really want to put up photos for comparison, but I think I’ll save my battles and live another day ;)

1514099 1086473121379666 6877747987385842049 nA lovely male from Crufts, Supeta's Razzalicious

I have an album with (almost) all Whippet males from Crufts here >>

Another thing I just don’t seem to get is the matings with young males. During 2014, almost 25% of all Swedish litters is done with a male under two years of age. Why? (And YES I DO keep statistics). When do you consider a dog fully matured?

Grace is now 11 months old  - can't believe that almost a year has passes since they were born....

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I was very pleased to meet Merlins kids in Stockholm, February 21. They are now 4,5 months old.
I really liked them all, happy tail-wagging puppies with a lot of kisses to give =)
Thank you Annica for bringing the kids to the show and also thanks to Patrik & Nina for helping out showing them and to get some photos.
Maya (Sinsline Rich Girl) was BOS baby puppy under judge Sofie Lönn, Sweden.
Grace, Lotus and Spider was also entered under judge Rudi Brandt, Denmark.
Grace and Lotus got EXC and Isaac got EXC-4.

 maya Z1M2882 w maya

This is Maya. More photos of the kids are added to their own pages.

We went to Turku International Show in the end of February. Grace learns fast, this time she was 2nd in junior class with CQ. She is cute, isn't she? ;)

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at MyDog in Gothenburg in the beginning of January. Nothing to brag about, she got EXC and EXC-3, and so did her brother Lotus.
Perfect training for Grace, she needs a lot of training =)
Saga was also entered and she was 4th best bitch day one and 4th in champion class second day.

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Not very easy to get the three youngsters on one photo =)

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Spider is a good boy!

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Well at least sometimes....

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