Whippets & Salukis


Born February 11 2017
Breeder Jessica Bolander
Owner Gunilla & Mikael Skafar
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SE Ch, DK Ch, RO Ch, RO Grand Ch, DK JCh, Alpensieger-19

Emoticon Avalanche "Frost"


Nürnberg, Germany July 14 2019
Best male, VDH, CACIB, Alpensieger 2019 and BOB!
Judge Rita Kadike Skadina

Danish Sighthound Club, July 6 2019
Best male, CAC, Danish & Swedish champion and BOB!
Judge Knut Fr Blütecher, Norway

Dracula Dog Shows 15-16/9 2018
Romanian Champion and Grand Romanian Champion

NDS Öland, Sweden 1/9 2018
3rd best male and CAC
Judge Martin Johansson, Sweden

Croatia, Split 29/7 2018
res CAC
Judge Paul Stanton

Croatia, Split 27/7 2018
Judge Noreen Harris

Croatia, Split 28/7 2018
Judge Joao Vasco Pocas

Croatia, Split 29/7 2018
res CAC, res CACIB
Judge Niksa Lemo

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Swedish Greyhound Club 26/5 2018
Judges Annette Stone & Veronika Tell

Roskilde, Denmark 13/5 2018
3rd best male, Junior CAC, res CAC, New DK Junior champion
Judge Charlotte Høier, Denmark

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Roskilde, Denmark 11/5 2018
2nd best male, Junior CAC, res NORDIC CAC
Judge Henrik Søeborg, Denmark

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Denmark, Køge Sighthound Club Show 25/3 2018
Frost was 3rd best male with res-junior CAC and res CAC
Judge Iuza Beradze, Czech Republic

frost fredericia
IDS Fredericia 11/2 2018
Frost won 2nd best male, Junior CAC and reserve CAC
Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany
Photo by Kaj Frøling

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16/12 2017
Frost was 2nd in junior class with CQ.
Judge Jeff Horswell, UK.

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18/11 2017
Frost was 3rd best male with Club CAC and Danish CAC in Denmark.
He was also BOB and BIS-4 junior
Judge Mikael Nilsson, Sweden.

12/11 2017
Frost was BOB and BIS puppy at the puppy show in Malmö.
Judges Lena Persson, Gitte Finnish Pedersen och Gunnar Nymann.

10/9 2017
Frost was BOB puppy at IDS Eslöv.
Judge Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania.

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9/9 2017
Frost was BOS puppy at the Sighthound Club Show in Lund.
Judge Mikael Nilsson, Sweden.

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3/9 2017
Frost BOB puppy at NDS Öland.
Judge Rudi Hubenthal.

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2/9 2017
Frost BIS puppy at the Saluki Club Show at Öland.
Judge Veronika Chrpová, Czech Republic.

Open show Bjuv 20/8 2017
Judge Anette Köster
BOB puppy

19399013 10211964671965625 5932744928050599666 nSaluki Club Show, Tånga Hed 18/6 2017
Judge Ewa Mackowiak, Khayif Salukis